Non-Profit Organizations

At Bailey Scarano, we provide a full range of accounting and tax and consulting services to non-profit organizations. Through our knowledge and years of experience, we understand the needs of the non-profit sector — no matter the size.

We proudly offer the following services to any size and type of organization in the non-profit sector:

Financial Statements

Including audits, reviews, compilations and preparations.

Internal Control

Including consulting and assistance with implementation of proper controls.


Complete bookkeeping services as well as assistance to Bookkeeper / Controller with maintaining records.

Tax Services

Including tax advisory and tax return preparation.

Reporting to Board of Directors

Including easy-to-understand presentation of financial statements and consulting assistance.

Our Philosophy

In an environment where the board of directors is typically not involved in the day to day operations, but is ultimately responsible for the safeguarding of the organization’s assets, as well as the oversight of the organization as a whole, we can provide the necessary accounting, tax, and consulting services along with any corresponding recommendations in a timely and effective manner that the board can rely on to assist with their responsibilities.

For more information regarding our non-profit services:

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