The manufacturing industry faces a unique set of challenges today. From lean manufacturing to drastic legislative changes and technological advancements, nearly all manufacturers are looking toward the future of the industry and how it will affect them.

Our manufacturing team at Bailey Scarano understands these unique industry challenges. We focus our efforts on evaluating your specific business to help implement improved processes that are customized to your needs.

We proudly offer the following services to advance the growth and development of clients in the manufacturing sector:

Financial Statements

Including audits, reviews, compilations and preparations.

Advisory & Consulting

Including mergers and acquisitions, buy – sell agreements, succession planning, valuations and internal control review.

Tax Services

Including tax advisory and tax return preparation.

Our Philosophy

We focus our efforts to evaluate your specific business philosophies and processes, make recommendations to help implement improved processes customized to your business and provide tax planning strategies to maximize savings.

For more information regarding our manufacturing services:

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