Not-For-Profit Organizations

At Bailey Scarano, we provide a full range of accounting services to not-for-profit organizations. We understand the needs of this sector and apply our vast knowledge when working with non-profit organizations of all sizes and types.

We can also advise and assist with implementation and improvement of internal controls within an organization – a very important niche pertaining to management roles and overseeing the organization’s Board of Directors.

We proudly offer the following services to advance the growth and development of clients in the not-for-profit sector:

  • Audits, reviews, and compiled financial statements
  • Bookkeeping
  • Controllership duties
  • Tax advisory and tax return preparations
  • Internal control reviews and testing

Please contact Dominic Scarano, Jr., CPA for more information regarding our not-for-profit services.

In an environment where the Board of Directors is typically not involved in day-to-day operations, but is ultimately responsible for safeguarding an organization’s assets and overseeing it as a whole, those charged with governance rely on us to provide quality services and to communicate recommendations in a timely and effective manner.